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Priorities and Perspectives – A humorous, thought provoking look at life.  Look at life from a little different angle and find out what’s really important in the whole scheme of things.  This one could change your life as you know it today.

The Courage to Believe – Discusses the main ingredients for success in the recipe of life:  faith, character, perseverance, and the power to dream.

To Lead or Not to Lead – Discusses qualities that will help you become the leader everyone wants to follow, along with common leadership traits that put people at the top.

Climbing the Highest Mountain After You’ve Fallen Down the Biggest Hill – How to turn any failure into a learning experience that will enable you to climb to new heights on the mountain of life.  Meeting adversity head on in order to achieve what you want out of life.

Serving Up an Ace – Serve, Serve, Serve . . . Three critical words that will give you the incredible ability in life to impact others.  Discusses how service is like a boomerang – you only get back what you give away.

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