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A true inspiration to all audiences, Cliff Dugosh is a fresh addition to the nation’s speaking circles. After receiving a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree, Cliff dedicated his life to young people through secondary education, higher education, and ministry with high school and college students.  Recognized in high school and college for outstanding leadership, Cliff spent the last seven years working with top student leaders at Texas A&M University.  Cliff’s personable and moving speaking style has been enjoyed by audiences that have ranged from third graders to corporate executives. Having done over 500 speeches, his captivating speaking style and master storytelling ability appeal to all audiences.

Cliff will inspire you to evaluate your role in this journey of life.  He will make you laugh, might even make you cry, and will certainly cause you to think about what’s important in life.

“I believe everyone can excel in all they strive for if they possess the right attitude.  I am a firm believer that your attitude will take you to new heights; like a balloon, it’s what’s inside you that will make you rise.  We should all take valuable lessons from all our successes and failures so that we will travel a smoother path of life. It is my hope that through my presentations people will come away with the power to dream, the courage to believe, and the true desire to value and appreciate all they’ve been given and blessed with in life.”

Whether speaking to educators, student leaders, corporate executives or today’s youth, Cliff’s style and inspiration are enjoyed by all.  His positive attitude and warm ways will leave a lasting impression, while his presentation will encourage all to strive a little harder and climb a little higher up this mountain of life.

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