“Classy individuals who are full of integrity and enthusiasm for excellence pass through this life few and far between.  Cliff Dugosh is one of these great men who not only expresses these characteristics and philosophies, he lives them.  Everyone should get the opportunity to rub shoulders with Cliff and be touched by his words.  I take great pride in calling him my friend.”

Dan Clark CSP
Internationally Renowned Motivational Speaker and Best-selling author
Editor, Chicken Soup for the College Soul

“Cliff, I didn’t get the chance to simply say thank you. You truly saved me. I have hit a very rough spot in my life lately. I have found myself blaming God for many things, which isn’t right! When you were speaking to us, I couldn’t help but cry. You made me realize to be so much more thankful for everything that I do have. I have been trying and trying to be happy with everything, but I feel almost as if I have been faking it. Not anymore though, since your speech, I feel so much stronger and happier than I have in the past six months! I couldn’t thank you enough for that!”

E-mail from a high school junior, 2009

“I’ve been involved in education and teacher in-services for more than 30 years and rarely have I heard comments like I did after Cliff’s presentation.  Many teachers were moved like they haven’t been moved before.”

Patty Hill
Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources, Northside ISD, San Antonio, Texas

“Cliff has a remarkable talent to relate to people.  He is sensitive, his message is sincere and meaningful and his approach is down to earth.  He is turned on to people and to life and his presentation will reflect a most positive, optimistic approach to both.”

  Dr. John Koldus
Vice-President Emeritus, Texas A&M University

“Cliff is an exceptionally caring person who makes a big difference in so many children’s lives.  For one week at Camp Dream Street, children with life threatening diseases had the inspiration and motivation of his special talents.  He’s enthusiastic and has the ability to get everyone involved.”

 Patricia Grubman
Co-Founder, The Dream Street Foundation, Beverly Hills, California

“Cliff puts life into perspective.  He challenges individuals to take an objective look at their priorities and motivates them to begin putting energy into what they say is truly important.”

 Lynette Wilson
Aquila Energy Marketing, Omaha, Nebraska

“Cliff’s speaking style truly is captivating and I’m sure I speak for others when I say his presentation was encouraging and enlightening.”

 David Doherty
Past President, South/West Texas Chapter
Leukemia Society of America

“Cliff’s speech to our students was very encouraging and easily understood by all.  Leading these students to identify what’s most important in their life was very positive and they responded with enthusiasm.”

Frank Blanda
Site Director, Prep Program, The University of the Incarnate Word

“Cliff Dugosh has a beautiful gift for sharing practical truths with everyone from corporate executives to young men and women. His particular brand of wisdom resonates because of its simplicity and relevance but his delivery is what is most engaging. A brilliant mix of humor, conviction, and encouragement leaves us all feeling more empowered for whatever life dishes out. Cliff’s encouragement to our high school seniors for the past eight years has no doubt made a difference in the lives of so many and the LEADERSTEPS Board of Directors continues to be grateful for his time and generosity.”

Robin Saunders
LeaderSteps Board President

“Cliff has an uncanny ability to grip you on an emotional level when he speaks. He doesn’t rely on cliché quips or silly stunts to keep an audience’s attention because his goal is to leave a lasting impact more than it is to entertain. He is a world-class speaker with the right motives. It’s such an enjoyable experience listening to him that you hardly realize just how deeply you’re being moved.”

Ben Debayle
Managing Director, Surge Project

“Cliff Dugosh has been instrumental in our Beyond the Game Servant Leader Summits. From input in the planning stages to speaking to our student-athletes, his insight and wisdom has helped lay the foundation for our future leaders to be inspired to go out and lead today.”

Stan Laing
Executive Director of Athletics, Northside Independent School District