Cliff’s 25+ years of speaking experience leaves audiences inspired to live a life of significance.

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A storyteller who draws on 24 years of working, and walking with thousands.


A lasting impression left on all for maximum effectiveness in life and in work.


Poignant messages designed to help audiences achieve significance through living life for others.


Powerful, influential insight shared to encourage, fuel, and incite living life the fullest.

I’ve been involved in education and teacher in-services for more than 30 years and rarely have I heard comments like I did after Cliff’s presentation. Many teachers were moved like they haven’t been moved before.

Patty HillAssistant Superintendent for Human Resources, Northside ISD, San Antonio, Texas

Classy individuals who are full of integrity and enthusiasm for excellence pass through this life few and far between. Cliff Dugosh is one of these great men who not only expresses these characteristics and philosophies, he lives them. Everyone should get the opportunity to rub shoulders with Cliff and be touched by his words. I take great pride in calling him my friend.

Dan Clark, CSPInternationally Renowned Motivational Speaker and Best-selling author Editor, Chicken Soup for the College Soul

Cliff has an uncanny ability to grip you on an emotional level when he speaks. He doesn't rely on cliché quips or silly stunts to keep an audience's attention because his goal is to leave a lasting impact more than it is to entertain. He is a world-class speaker with the right motives. It's such an enjoyable experience listening to him that you hardly realize just how deeply you're being moved.

Ben DebayleManaging Director of an international non-profit

Cliff, I didn’t get the chance to simply say thank you. You truly saved me. I have hit a very rough spot in my life lately. I have found myself blaming God for many things, which isn’t right! When you were speaking to us, I couldn’t help but cry. You made me realize to be so much more thankful for everything that I do have. I have been trying and trying to be happy with everything, but I feel almost as if I have been faking it. Not anymore though, since your speech, I feel so much stronger and happier than I have in the past six months! I couldn’t thank you enough for that!

Email from High School Senior

Some of Cliff’s most requested speeches

Priorities & Perspectives

A humorous, thought-provoking look at life. Look at life from a little different angle and find out what’s really important in the whole scheme of things. This one could change your life as you know it today.

Leading is a Way of Life

Discusses qualities that will help you become the leader everyone wants to follow, along with common leadership traits that put people at the top.

Leaving a Legacy

“To leave a legacy, you must live the life.” A powerful presentation which inspires audiences to focus on the legacy they’d like to leave and for what they’d like to be remembered.

The Courage To Believe

Discusses the main ingredients for success in the recipe of life: faith, character, perseverance, and the power to dream.

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Lessons From The Rams

By Cliff Dugosh
On the last day of school, a substitute teacher gave a final assignment to five periods of senior English classes. Not excited about having to work on their final day of high school, some very thought-provoking lessons were shared. Here are the unexpected responses from that day…

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